The Gulf that Separates Us
Lisa Rivero

Lisa, I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach when I saw the news on the morning after the election. I was in the polls working all day on November 8, 6AM until after 8PM, and I heard nothing about the election because we don’t allow that in the polling place. When I got home, I just dropped into bed and went to sleep. I still expected that the election would go to Clinton. Hoped. Prayed. Why? Not because I like Clinton — though I do. Because DT, now immortalized among my friends as PGP (pussy grabbing President), scares me. I read Handmaid’s Tale years ago and it shocked me. Not in America! But yes, in America, and I could see how it could happen. And here it is — not completely, not yet, but America has voluntarily offered to give up freedoms in exchange for this narcissist’s “Great America”, in which it will be perfectly legal and acceptable to refuse people citizenship on account of their religion or skin color or country of national origin or who knows? — their two X chromosomes. Terrifying. Every day I hope that somebody in the Republican Party will come to his senses and reign him in. Does he own all of them? Does he have a file of negatives or other evidence on every member of the Party? How else can this be happening?

For the first time in my life, I’m afraid to be an American.

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