How to Contour your Face

What you’ll need:

  1. Cream foundation 2 shades lighter than your skin tone

2. Cream or powder contour kit (color youwill be conturing with should be 1–2 shades darker than your skin tone

3. A contouring brush

4. Beauty blender or kabuki brush to blend in highlight (concealer) *Blender must be DAMP!


Step 1: Apply highlight to the nose by drawing a line down the bridge

  • Hint: You want to apply highlight wherever the sun naturally hits your face
  • Step 2: Apply highlight from under your eyes
  • Step 3: Apply highlight on the chin
  • Step 4: Apply highlight in between the eyebrows and lower part of the forehead
  • Step 5: Blend with beauty blender (bouncing motions)


  • Step 6: Begin with brushing contour powder from top ear to corner of mouth in a continuous back and fourth motion until blended (with one of the contour brushes)
  • Step 7: Repeat on the other cheek
  • Step 8: Apply contour powder to the very top of the forehead so that you are moving in a half circle motion makes a half circle.
  • Step 9: Continue until blended.
  • Step 10: Apply contour powder along the jaw line until blended
  • Step 11: Take a step back from the mirror to make sure everything is well blended (NO HARSH LINES!)
  • Step 12 Enjoy your freshly contoured slimmed down face!

← Proper finished contour

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