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Sunday, 11:30 AM - Its early morning and I’ve just risen from the dead. I see dad sitting on his armchair shuffling some books. He has his second cup of tea and the newspaper by his side.

Dad: “Morning, duffer. Any idea what emancipate means?”
(Probably, he is looking for the classic Oxford dictionary that he got us in my 5th grade)
Me: “Umm. Could you tell me the sentence where this word is used?”
(Just so that I know the scope for the wild guess that I was going to take)

That was enough for him to realize that…

Written by Piyush Santwani and Anuj Kumar Gupta

A few taps on your smartphone and you got your ticket to watch Ed Sheeran live. Little did you realize that in the process, you avoided a heat stroke, a leg cramp (unless you are a pro Lalbaugcha Raja’s devotee), a possible stampede(or a street-fight) and the commuting cost to the ticketing kiosks.

It’s fairly simple and fast to book a ticket today compared to what it was like a decade ago. Being India’s largest entertainment ticketing platform, BookMyShow witnessed this transformation firsthand.

Back in those days when digital payment was not…

Piyush Santwani

Copying code from Stack Overflow for a living. Node. React. AR/VR.

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