Feynman Machine: a New Approach for Cortical and Machine Intelligence
Fergal Byrne

Kind of serendipitous thing here with Feynman, M. Mitchel’s MOOC and more… saw you do a presentation at a clojure conference on this. I do some deep learning, and rest of the time is writing clojure! When is that coming out? I would totally contribute.

I am wondering…have you looked into Steven Grossberg’s Adaptive resonance theory and how does it relate to this? I am not into the details on it, but maybe there is a high level parallel as that system also is made up of coupled ‘networky like capsules’ that modulate each other’s ‘IO’ at some level, though the mechanisms as are totally different.

Also a random thought. Why are modules paired and stacked? What happens if they are arranged in a graph-like structure with particular inputs going to various points on the graph? In the brain different senses/body parts/’reasoning chunks’ map to regions, which are interconnected, but as I understand it is not clear how they interact.

Cool stuff.

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