The Media Blackout On The DNC Lawsuit Proves That It Is Nuclear
Caitlin Johnstone

To a very great extent the DNC and GOP of today have their hands tied by a Clinton era free trade agreement that is nothing if not intentionally byzantine and destructive to civil society and the rule of law. It explains WHY the DNC undermined Bernie. The US basically committed 22 years ago to end democracy‘s ability to setting policy when corporate profits are involved, and they never told the country. Or the world, because this impacts dozens of countries.

This puts them in a very difficult position where to maintain the illusion, they have to make it look like they are still able to do what we expect politicians to do when in reality they can’t. (Unless it “is deregulation” which then is locked in “captured”.)

This happens because virtually everything “affects trade in services” so is covered in this agreement’s scope. The paper right below shows how the last twenty years of healthcare policy has been trapped doing the same things. things that we know don’t work, over and over.

Due to this failure to allow democracy to fix the problems at least a million Americans have died unnecessarily. And now the GOP’s changes will all ratchet in irreversibly and we have not been told. We’re being lied to to make us think pre-existing conditions will be protected, when everything after 1998 is subject to a challenge. And will be challenged. This is a serious crime against humanity. Because it crosses important lines.

You can see that neither candidate ever had the intent of creating true public services by the wording of the WTO law that requires that for a service to exist without being torn up and privatized, it has to be free.

"For the purposes of this Agreement...
(b) 'services' includes any service in any sector except services supplied in the exercise of governmental authority;
(c) 'a service supplied in the exercise of governmental authority' means any service which is supplied neither on a commercial basis, nor in competition with one or more service suppliers."

This massive and shamelessly sordid deception poisons our entire political system -globally- and its likely why Bernie was not being allowed to win.

He was there to give the illusion of ‘due process’ to the needs of the American working class, so the future could be taken from them (us) with some illusion of legitimacy.

During the last several Administrations, in order to hide this real state of affairs and conceal their lack of ability to do anything but deregulate, the two parties have ‘had to’ pretend to argue.

Similarly, the media thinks they ‘have to’ pretend to cover what I’ve realized they know is pretend news.

Even the outlets that claim to be viewer supported and “cover the things the others won’t”, don’t dare it.

Instead, everything the corporate Dems and corporate GOP are doing ties in to further trap the nation in their global scheme to steal our planets future, so they cannot discuss anything truthfully.

And like politicians’ the media’s time must also be wasted with wedge issues and diversions. To hide the real corporate takeover agenda. (Which wont be able to be reversed until the entire system collapses, as it inevitably will.)

This is the definition of totalitarianism as described by Hannah Arendt. Until the media steps up to the plate on these issues and politicians honestly discuss and then dump these dirty deals, the media and political parties both will be increasingly mistrusted and illegitimate, because they will be helping conceal the truth, not uncover it.

The world’s people will not forget how and why they were misled.