I’ve read your response, and am listening, and am open to hearing from you by phone or when I’m in…
Christian Scharen

Dr. Scharen— It’s up to the author of this beautifully written post to say how she feels about your removing her name after she objected to the way you used it to prove your point. I gather she wanted it known that you did that because she posted the screen shot of the passage before you edited it. But I want to tell you — as a journalist, and someone who works a lot in the medium of the web— that kind of ex post facto change is a decided no-no. You can apologize, you can discuss, you can come around to agreeing with your critic or agree to disagree. But taking out the reference Ms. Simpson objected to is a way of erasing the discussion, erasing the anger, erasing her. If you wrote something that someone responds to strongly, don’t edit the responder out of existence — apologize or defend or explain yourself. I agree with pretty much everything Ms. Simpson said, but I also believe you have a right to your opinions. Still, it doesn’t help us move forward in any way if you remove what spurred Ms. Simpson to her eloquent expression. And you do no favor to readers who may want to see the debate in its entirety so that they can form their own opinions.