Converting PSD to Wordpress

A website needs two things, it needs to look good and be easy to navigate and the code behind the website needs to be functional too. You cant really have one without the other and you need to excel in both in order to create a fully functional website. If you can understand and learn to convert PSD to Wordpress the World Wide Web is your oyster!

Designing a website is a test of creativity that not everyone has, whereas coding does require a lot of knowledge a variety of different types of code including: PHP, HTML, Javascript and CSS.

Wordpress is a godsend to non-programmers as it enables you to make your own website without the detailed knowledge of coding. However when you use wordpress, its not always so easy to totally customize it.

Below are five steps to converting your own PSD to Wordpress:

The first thing you should do in converting PSD to Wordpress is slicing which is when you divide an image design file into multiple files, which each have a different design. The entire design is not coded into one image, and in a website images are sewn together and each image file has its own functionality. Slicing is often done in Photoshop as it’s the one the best software packages available. However you can do it even just using Microsoft Paint as Adobe Photoshop can be an expensive purchase.

The second thing you need to do is code these sliced images into HTML and then use CSS to style it. You do need a good in-depth knowledge of CSS and HTML. Converting PSD to HTML is the next step in becoming a better coder. This is the point where you decide whether the site is to be responsive or not, and if so you need to modify the CSS. It is a good idea to name the CSS files as Style.css and HTML file as index.html just for ease and convenience later on should you wish to make changes.

Thirdly you need to convert a PSD design into a wordpress theme and then add functionality using tools and plugins available. You do need to design your HTML file adhering to Wordpress theme structures in order to get the best out of it. A wordpress theme will comprise of PHP files, these may include: archive.php, header. Php. Footer.php, index.php, single.php, page.php, sidebar.php, category.php, search.php, 404.php, comments.php, and comments-popup.php. The two that are probably the most important and are needed for a theme to function are index.php and style.css. All Wordpress themes actually consist of all of the above .php files in order to compartmentalize and the coding of the themes.

Fourthly you need to make sure that you add wordpress inbuilt tags into the theme files in order to get the correct functionality. Wordpress will take care of the rest.

Finally because you created a theme, you do not need to change the core HTML code if you wish to make changes, you do not need to go through the code line by line to make the theme compatible with any new changes that you decide to make. If you want to add any additional functionality all you need to do is download a plug in, and then install and let Wordpress do its magic.

Of course this can be done using a PSD conversion service but where would the fun be in that?