Introducing Signalpattern™

Peter Semmelhack
Jun 27, 2019 · 3 min read
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I am incredibly excited and proud to announce the public beta of a platform we’ve been working on for quite some time. It’s called Signalpattern™ and we built it to address an emerging challenge faced by every enterprise, worldwide — discovering and leveraging the critical information trapped behind internal and external corporate APIs.

Today, if you ask any CIO what’s top of mind you will quickly encounter the phrase “digital transformation”. What is digital transformation¹? It’s a belief that digital technology can unlock value obstructed by old business processes and methods. You will also find that successful transformations depend on the productive use of a company’s informational resources. Enter the APIs…

“I had no idea we had this information!

“Providing that data to sales helped close the deal.”

APIs perform the critical function of organizing, managing and securing access to a company’s data. Today, just about every software platform, application or system has an API. The trouble is most people in an organization have no idea what an API is. More importantly, they have little to no idea what information is even available via the APIs a company operates. This “data invisibility” is a source of friction that can affect every department.

Spreadsheet-like interface makes interacting with APIs easy.

Signalpattern was designed to help organizations tap the power stored in their data systems. It is a platform that allows anyone, not just developers, to easily explore and use API-protected information. Similar to Pinterest, where users scour the web and curate information that pertains to specific interests, Signalpattern enables enterprise users to securely discover and leverage an organization’s information resources.

Using Signalpattern’s spreadsheet-like interface, users can quickly build and share all kinds of API-powered content, workflows, micro-applications and services (all these, to us, are “patterns”). Patterns can be used independently or combined, like building blocks, to create more complex interactions. Perhaps most significantly, any pattern can be accessed via any user interface the user prefers — web, mobile, chat, voice, SMS, custom UIs, the list goes on.

The best way to understand Signalpattern is to experience it yourself. Click here to see some live examples and sign up to begin your exploration. Fair warning — it is still in beta so apologies in advance if things occasionally don’t work as expected. In fact, please(!) tell us what you think and if you experience any problems. We’ve set up a special site just for your feedback. You can find it here.

We are excited to see what everyone builds! Have fun exploring!

¹ CIO Magazine — What is digital transformation? A necessary disruption.

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