People with a growth mindset learn from challenges

Andela Bootcamp is all about challenge and learning new things each and every day, during Andela cycle 3 Bootcamp I faced many challenges and learn from those challenges, people with fixed mindset the never like to face challenges because they think that they can fail and thinks that the failure is the limit of their ability when they fail they give up, but people with growth mindset the failure is the opportunity to grow their effort and attitude their ability because challenges help them to grow.

during the period of two weeks in Andela Bootcamp, I learned many skills in software development and I gathered the good communication skills that unlocked me for better future of software development.

I learn many things from my colleagues at Bootcamp and worked together to help each other where we face the challenges and try to do things as better as possible, before joining Andela I didn’t know the importance of testing the endpoints API before releasing of a new product. the culture of Andelans, the love of each other and the growth mindset of people that I sow in Andela in the period of two weeks changed my mind and cultivate on me the need of learning new things that can change me and improve my knowledge in software development.

I sat the goals to achieve during the Bootcamp even if it was not easy to achieve all goals that I planed during the period of two weeks but I learn from the mistake that I made and try the new way to overcome those mistake to never happen again.