General Election leaflets: Hove
Greg Hadfield

Let me remind you that you supported Mark Sandell in September 2016. So….(Extract from Brighton and Hove News):

‘The ex-chair of Brighton and Hove’s Labour party has been secretly filmed telling a crowd of Momentum supporters the best tactics for deselecting Hove MP Peter Kyle.

Mark Sandell was elected chair of the city’s Constituency Labour Party (CLP) in July on a pro-Corbyn slate, but the results were voided five days later after a raft of concerns with the ballot were flagged up to the party’s head office.

Speaking about Mr Kyle, he said: “[he] must be feeling fairly nervous – and I’ve got to say he’s got every reason to be, they’re all fairly nervous”. He added: “This guy is not going to be hard to unseat.”He also said about Labour party officials: “I think we should have some redundancy notices ready for some of these people, because it seems to me, that if we don’t change… not just the leadership of the party, we want to keep Corbyn obviously, if we don’t change some of those structural problems, we will be fighting with people at our backs, who are just looking for the first opportunity, to sink the knife in.”

Mr Hadfield, who in the last days has been both calling for party unity on Twitter and repeating his attacks on local Labour members, said: “The five candidates who won more than 66% of the vote happened to suggest they supported Corbyn. The two things are connected.”

Mr Kyle said: “Of course I [worry about deselection] They have the numbers.’

You and your Momentum clique are signalling that your efforts are focused on winning Brighton Pavilion and implicitly you are revealing your relative lack of such effort to save the Hove seat for Kyle/Labour. Because of the voting public’s loathing of the toxic Corbyn/Abbott/Thornberry/McDonnell/Milne ticket, Peter Kyle probably will indeed lose Hove – and you expect him to blame Corbyn for that. And he rightly will.

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