Oxxxymiron. #thefigure

You all do not remember a single thing. It’s not about the punches, it’s not about good rhythms. It’s about personality.© Oxxxymiron.

Miron Fedorov.

When he was 13 years old, he started to write rap-texts and read them in Russian. At that time he lived in Germany.

He had to fend off attaks from his classmates, because he was from poor family.

The fact — Miron thought that he the first rap-artist who speak in Russian.

Over time Miron enrolled in Oxford. He spends a lot of time for preparation and he enrolled. All his plans was destroyed his diagnoz “affective insanity”, but he pulled himself together and came back to the University.

However, a diploma of Oxford didn’t open all doors.

And for survive he needed to work a sales manager and a loader. He always wanted to be on a rap-stage.

His chance was a rap battle in Russian. Moreover, Miron took this chance. He signed the contract with the Russian label Optik Russia and next made the label Vagabund. In 2011 he started solo career.

Now, Oxxxymiron not only the Russian famous rap author-singer. He is CEO of concert agency Booking Machine.

Miron has not some abilities to vocal and he has not musical education. Despite of this facts, he included his name to TOP Russian rap-singers.

Necessarily, watch the battle Oxxxymiron vs Dizaster in English https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldK9qvRBkMI

My opinion about this guy. I respect to his abilities to speak in Russian language and English also. I live in Russia all my life, but I am not so good at Russia language like he. He is the master of rithyms and words.

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