This whole summer we have been blasted with articles and talks shows around the departure of Neymar to Barcelona FC.

Neymar is not going to Barcelona.

The transfer deadline ended two weeks ago and Neymar remains a PSG player.

Did Barcelona really want to buy him? I am not convinced. After Neymar’s departure, their focus has always been on Griezmann. I believe that their management had to please Messi, Suarez and Pique’s envy to see the Brazilian come back. Otherwise, why send your first offer two weeks before the deadline? Moreover, if it was the top priority, the club president would have come to Paris.


A quick summary of all the coaches that came to PSG since QSI (Qatar Sports Investments) took over the club.

Carlo Ancelotti, Dec 2011 — June 2013 (Started midseason Dec 2011).

He is the man that takes this club to a different level. From GPS player tracking to adding a serious diet program, Ancelotti brings new habits and more professionalism. The Italian coach left PSG because of the impatience of his superiors who were looking for short term success. He went to Real Madrid and won the Champions League with them. That was the first mistake from the new owners of the Parisian team.

    Carlo Ancelotti

A disgrace for the players for not acting as professionals.

A disgrace for the management of this club for not learning from their mistakes.

A disgrace from the UEFA. Who are the people in the VAR booth? Do they know anything about football?!?

First of all, this is worst than the “Remontada” (Losing 6–1 to Barcelona, after winning 4–0 at home). You went to Old Trafford and won 2–0 there; great. Now you are playing at home, in front of your fans, against the B or C team of Man U. …

May 17th, 2008

We were at the 16th position and it was the last game of the season. That game became the most important game of the season. Not because we could win the championship but because we could get relegated. It was an existentialist moment for every PSG fan.

How was it possible that our team was in such a position? That year it had only won 9 games out of 37. What a contrast with today’s stats! PSG was not the superpower that it is now but was and will always be the French capital’s team. We did…

Another year, another penalty not whistled by the referee.

Let’s go back two years. On February 14th, 2016 PSG wins 4–0 at home against the mighty Barcelona. Messi, Suarez, and Neymar were all transparent. This was Barcelona’s worst ever Champions League defeat and it could have been even worse. With 16 shots on goal and 10 of those on target, the French domination was flagrant.

Barcelona needed to make Champions League history to advance as no side has progressed after conceding a four-goal first-leg deficit. As you know they pulled that one and called it La Remontada. Loosing 6–1 at…


It has been more than a month since El Matador has scored a goal for the Parisian side. His execution against Naples on Wednesday night (October 26th, 2018) in the Champions League (2–2) was hard to watch. He was substituted at the 76th minute of the game. Something unusual.

Even though he is considered as one of the best strikers of all time, Cavani has not always had an easy ride. After three successful years at Napoli, Cavani was transferred to PSG in 2013 for 64 million euros. He was no longer the star and was pushed to play on…

Last night (18th September 2018) PSG lost 3–2 against Liverpool. It was Tuchel’s first test against a high caliber European team.

Paris was close to achieving an away draw. That would have been a fantastic result since Liverpool was the better team. A clumsy mistake by Mbappe losing the ball at the 92nd minute gave Firmino the opportunity to score with a high-class goal. On the pitch, Liverpool deserved its win. However, in the stands, it was a different story.

After thirteen hours of bus drive members of the Collectif Ultras Paris (CUP) arrived at Liverpool. When you mention Ultras…

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