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A disgrace for the players for not acting as professionals.

A disgrace for the management of this club for not learning from their mistakes.

A disgrace from the UEFA. Who are the people in the VAR booth? Do they know anything about football?!?

First of all, this is worst than the “Remontada” (Losing 6–1 to Barcelona, after winning 4–0 at home). You went to Old Trafford and won 2–0 there; great. Now you are playing at home, in front of your fans, against the B or C team of Man U. But you still find a way to get expelled from the Champions League.

This team does not have a character. When you start doubting yourself, starting to get scared, starting to imagine the worst, meanwhile you are winning and have the control of the game, it means that your team has no soul, your team has no captain, your team does not have a strong identity.

The player that was hired to bring this grinta and experience, 40 year old Buffon, collapsed. The new coach that was supposed to bring discipline and mental strength, failed. Since the new changes did not make any difference, isn’t the problem with the players and management that have been with PSG since the beginning of the Qatari’s project? Close the chapter and open a new one with new people at the organization and a different strategy. (You do not need to buy all the super star players)

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