Last night (18th September 2018) PSG lost 3–2 against Liverpool. It was Tuchel’s first test against a high caliber European team.

Paris was close to achieving an away draw. That would have been a fantastic result since Liverpool was the better team. A clumsy mistake by Mbappe losing the ball at the 92nd minute gave Firmino the opportunity to score with a high-class goal. On the pitch, Liverpool deserved its win. However, in the stands, it was a different story.

After thirteen hours of bus drive members of the Collectif Ultras Paris (CUP) arrived at Liverpool. When you mention Ultras, people usually think hooliganism and violence. Yesterday was all about passion and mutual respect.

Tuesday afternoon the streets of Liverpool were animated by Parisian songs, amplified with drums beating and lighting flares. The march started around 3 o’clock from Liverpool’s city center and moving toward Anfield. The crowd was getting bigger and bigger as more fans were joining at each corner. Around 2500 made the trip to the city of the Beatles. The atmosphere was loud and noisy but everyone was in great spirit; exactly how it should be.

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(Image: Liverpool Echo)

Locals were taking pictures, videos and some were shaking hands with their opponents. As the incredible crowd turned onto Anfield Road, they got up close and personal with dozens of LFC fans who welcomed them with open arms. Not something that you usually see.

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(Image: Liverpool Echo)

Around 7 pm most PSG fans were already in the stadium. Their voices took over Liverpool’s skies for the whole night.

During the mythical You Will Never Walk Alone, which takes place right before the teams’ entrance, was the only time when PSG fans stood silent. Again, showing another sign of respect. After that they were constantly chanting and supporting their team. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough for the squad to return to France with a positive result.

Passionate Fans

The team lost the game but the PSG fans were fantastic. The french crowd delivered a passionate and admirable performance and was congratulated by the Kopites at the end of the game.

In the stands, the Parisian journey started well off. On the pitch, it still needs improvement. The next away games will be held in Naples and Belgrade where the atmosphere will be heated and the players ready to fight. Let’s hope that the french capital’s squad will put a performance as intense as their fans.

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Liverpool’s Anthem:

Liverpool’s Anthem

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