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This whole summer we have been blasted with articles and talks shows around the departure of Neymar to Barcelona FC.

Neymar is not going to Barcelona.

The transfer deadline ended two weeks ago and Neymar remains a PSG player.

Did Barcelona really want to buy him? I am not convinced. After Neymar’s departure, their focus has always been on Griezmann. I believe that their management had to please Messi, Suarez and Pique’s envy to see the Brazilian come back. Otherwise, why send your first offer two weeks before the deadline? Moreover, if it was the top priority, the club president would have come to Paris.

PSG stood strong and did not let one of the world's best players leave at any price.

What’s next?

His relationship with the fans is at its worst. They have been frustrated by his lack of commitment to the club. Since his arrival, he has always missed the most important games due to repeated injuries. Worst, beginning of this summer the Brazilian player made it clear that he wanted to leave PSG. As a consequence since the first game of the new season, chants and banners have been held against him.

Not sure if all of his teammates are happy with him staying. There are also other players with big egos in the locker room and not just anyone. Mbappe, for example, believes rightly that he should represent the future of PSG. Also, he is selling more jerseys than Neymar in Europe, the United States, and Asia.

It is unclear how Neymar’s season will end.

A transfer in January?

I hope we do not waste more time reading about this. This summer’s transfer episode was already long and disappointing. Even though a future episode is unavoidable I hope it won’t happen until next summer.

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