Getting the pieces together to start a side project app

I love developing. I’m working full-time in a multinational enterprise software company in Brazil. It’s great! But as the time goes on I feel that my technical side is getting less and less stressed out. The more I learn the easier it is to do stuff with my company’s js UI library. I want other stuff as well.

In Brazil its common to people in the Software Industry to work by day and go to college at night. I stay on my workplace from 9AM to 6PM and go to college from 7:30PM to 10:30PM. It makes things easier that my company is located inside my college campus (yeah, well, better for me).

Before joining my company to become a front-end developer I was an iOS developer, and I really liked that. I want that back. That’s why I decided I want to test a few things and start an app. I don’t know yet what it’ll bee about about, but I have a good huntch.

The goal of this side project is not to sell thousands and make me rich, albeit that wouldn’t be bad. The goal is for me to learn and become a better developer.

I’ve set some technical goals for me:

  • Use Open Source Software as much as possible, but don’t be locked in.
  • Use a serverless architecture as the back end (but I don’t agree with that naming, though).
  • Follow as much as possible the Clean Code conventions, but since it’s targeted at teams, allow myself some flexibility for working alone.
  • Apply Behaviour Driven Development because I’m weird and I like tests.
  • Design before developing.
  • Target Android and iOS but try to use the same codebase for bussiness logic but use native UIs (this will be an interesting challenge to architect the code).

And that’s what I’ll try to follow.

Oh and another goal is to document everything along the way via these posts. I don’t know if someone's going to read this but, hey, it's really good to write these stuff.