Understanding PsiFi’s Tokenomics: A Comprehensive Guide

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4 min readMay 22, 2024

The economics of the PsiFi utility token (tokenomics) is meticulously designed to ensure stability, growth, and sustainability within its ecosystem. The allocation and vesting schedules of $PSI tokens are crafted to balance early incentives with long-term goals, creating a robust foundation for both the community and investors.

Let’s delve into the intricacies of PsiFi’s tokenomics to understand why it’s a remarkable design beneficial for all stakeholders. First, here is a general overview of the token allocations:

Private Sales: Angel, Seed, and Series A

PsiFi has allocated 11.16% of its total token supply to private sales, including angel investors (friends and family), seed rounds, and Series A funding. This allocation is modest compared to industry standards, allowing for substantial capital raises while avoiding excessive dilution of token value.

The vesting schedule is thoughtfully ramped, meaning tokens are gradually released over time rather than in large, abrupt unlocks. This approach minimizes the risk of significant sell pressure at key dates, protecting the token’s market value. Additionally, no tokens are allocated at the Token Generation Event (TGE), further reducing early market volatility and supporting stable growth.

Series A terms will be finalized before the TGE, ensuring they are less favorable than seed terms to reward early investors appropriately.

Ecosystem and Working Treasury

The largest portion of $PSI tokens, 39%, is dedicated to the ecosystem and working treasury. This substantial allocation is designed to fund community rewards and ecosystem initiatives, ensuring continuous support and engagement.

A long vesting schedule underscores the commitment to the project’s longevity, giving confidence to the community and aligning with key market cap and circulating supply milestones. The distribution is also ramped, ensuring a smooth release of tokens that avoids sudden influxes into the market.

A small TGE allocation ensures tokens are available from day one to support the ecosystem, with careful planning to maintain token health even if all tokens are not immediately used.

Liquidity and Open Market Allocation

A combined 15.5% of tokens is allocated for liquidity, market makers, and key opinion leaders (KOLs). This allocation ensures that the team can maintain sufficient liquidity on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and prepare for future centralized exchange (CEX) listings.

The liquidity tokens have a long vesting schedule, allowing the team to strategically manage liquidity over the initial years. The allocation for market makers and KOLs includes a small initial unlock, providing flexibility for the team to allocate these tokens based on the availability of services.

Team, Advisors, and Marketing

PsiFi has set aside 19.75% of its tokens for the team, advisors, and marketing efforts. This allocation is standard within the industry and demonstrates the team’s commitment to the project’s long-term success.

Team Allocation (13.75%):

  • The portion specifically allocated for the team alone is below standard rates, showcasing their dedication and long-term vision for PsiFi.
  • The team’s tokens are vested over a long period (32 months), with no large unlock cliffs, demonstrating their commitment to the project’s sustained growth. This gives users and potential investors confidence in the team’s focus on long-term success.

The advisors and marketing funds have small initial cliffs, allowing for immediate utilization for marketing efforts and attracting quality advisors without causing market instability.

Airdrop and Cashback Rewards

A smaller portion, 2%, is reserved for airdrops and cashback rewards. This allocation is designed to foster collaboration with other projects and provide marketing opportunities without adversely affecting the token’s market health.

The cashback rewards have a long vesting period, ensuring consistent rewards to the community over time. The airdrop tokens are available at the TGE, allowing for immediate allocation and claims from users, enhancing early engagement.

Sustainable Reward and Burn Schedule

PsiFi Research is actively working on creating a sustainable reward and burn schedule to ensure the health of our token. This was announced in a prior article. We have confirmed the fundamental structure of this and that it will work. This initiative is crucial for maintaining a balanced token supply, avoiding inflationary or deflationary extremes, and ensuring that the ecosystem remains vibrant and economically sound.


PsiFi’s tokenomics reflect a well-balanced approach, combining short-term incentives with long-term stability. The thoughtful allocation and vesting schedules ensure that the project can grow sustainably, with minimized risks of market volatility. This design not only attracts investors but also builds a strong, confident community, making PsiFi a truly exceptional project in the crypto space.

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