My life … Accelerated (A London Real: Life Accelerator review)

From where I am, the 2016 US elections is a far away but vivid set of events. Curiously looking around Youtube for speeches of the presidential candidate finalist to measure his persona and message; there was a rather striking video suggestion. 
London Real: The 50 Billion Dollar Man (*click) 
And that was the start of my new journey.

Half a year into 2017 and looking to set out on my own venture. However, ideas without a plan isn’t the greatest strategy. Also I somehow came to a realization … I have alot about myself to fix. Simply, ideas are great but I wasn’t properly dedicating myself to creating that business. Should’ve been simply “take action” right? Wrong.

One day in May, sitting with a coffee there was a notice of a webinar and I caught it with minutes to spare on the sign-in. From there an invitation to join the London Real: Life Accelerator course.

Because Reasons

If I was a successful person, then I wouldn’t have signed up. Once you get on the inside however, you are challenged weekly to redefine your habits. Starting from clearing your mind with meditation and cutting out your media which was a cold turkey treatment for me. After all, how many hours spent on Youtube instead of being active ? How many hours on games instead of creating ? How many hours of Facebook or Whatsapp etc instead of reflecting ? I thought it was going well when I deleted Facebook back in Jan 2, 2017, yet I also underestimated how much else I was consuming.

Another week include figuring out how to manage your goals and getting into the right mindset with daily affirmations and ownership. 
Another week includes adjusting what you eat. This involves changing from factory foods to fresh foods. DIY meals from scratch.

Another more challenging week for me was about learning and adopting new movement practises. Spinal waves … easy, burpees … tiring but easy. House dance, yoga, tai-chi, Wim Hof breathing? Practically out of my comfort zone! One key element helped here; your course peers. They push you, or get pulled together, allay your fears, give suggestions; the peers that keep you pushing through. Although the assignments are personal, you don’t do it alone.

The final 2 weeks challenges you to unburden yourself and with it, plan your future. This is an even bigger challenge than before because the act to unburden yourself, is to fix your relationships with people. Either by purging, forgiving and improving the key persons. This is more difficult than it is written because often the most difficult things we hold in ourselves are the most burdensome. Being honest here, I’ve still to let go of the single biggest challenge of this module. Subsequent to that is a guide to moving forward, looking back on all the work done … make a structured plan, finding mentors and keeping accountable to yourself to build a new you.

Last Words

Video above almost doesn't quite gel with what I’ve written here. Yet it does. I’ve said “And that was the start of my new journey.” … To some people in the course, the change is profound. To me, while it didn’t have an effect of an epiphany; my take away is that these are habits to be a better person. 6 weeks is only a start to learn it, it’ll take weeks, months, and years. However as an investment for yourself, I recommend it.

Even if you’re not in London. Sacrificing odd hours to attend calls. Doing somethings considered “silly” to others … if you want that change then any cost is justified. Conquering the challenges to build a better you will be worth it.


Let’s not forget a little BIG detail here … Thanks to the following groups as part of the journey :-
London Real
and everyone else who we end together with.