Portfolio Research HW

1. What do you like about the page?
This page allows you to scroll through it, has a loading screen and is very interactive with the user.

2. Describe any special user interactions.
When I scroll down, I am taken to a video of some sort and have the option to skip over it.

1. What do you like about the page?
The page itself is simplistic and organized, there isn’t much going on and yet there is at the same time. The loading screen, like the aforementioned website is very creative. It displayed the team’s logo that filled out in white to show that the page was finished loading.

2. Describe any special user interactions.
When scrolling over the “View Our Work” button, the letters began to scroll over and drop back into their previous position after falling out of range. Once you’ve clicked that button, clicking and dragging will take you through other pages the team developed previously. Some of these pages allow you to click and drag falling background items and place them elsewhere.

1. What do you like about the page?
There are a lot of fancy buttons. Also, the background moves along a map with glowing effects that make the site appear more magical.

2. Describe any special user interactions.
There are buttons. Lots and lots of buttons that take you to various destinations, clicking on these buttons will cause a sound file to play. Then the page will take you to a another where you can better explore the environment through the first person by clicking and dragging.

1. What inspired you from the examples above?
Of course, from all of these sites, the one that was the most inspiring was the one from the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It’s very well put together in terms of giving off the feeling that you’ve actually traveled to that part of the world within an instant, down to being able to control what you can see in the environment.

2. What functionalities would you like to add for your portfolio?
Buttons. Buttons along side the option to click and drag to view different aspects of my portfolio that have links embedded in a .gif or a video that plays when you scroll over it. These are awesome.

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