I just wanted to prototype a simple REST API to see how this would work using serverless and Rust. Below are my findings.

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TL;DR There is a lot of promise, but the overall state of Rust on serverless is pretty immature. This is likely to change in the next 12 months.

Source code for this article: https://github.com/psiphi75/worker-kv-poc

The Background

I enjoy coding in Rust and most of my server-side code has been Node.js, either using Express.js or AWS’s serverless stack. Node.js is great for server-side development, it’s fast enough, it quick to get started and everything supports it.

However, as your project…

Here I take you through how to implement the TypeScript TypeChecker, together with ESLint, JSDoc and Prettier to enhance your JavaScript coding environment.

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This is the implementation part, I will write why you want to do this and described each component in more detail. For each component we will learn how to install and configure it and I’ll give some tips on using it.

These instructions are for VS Code, but you should be able to implement the same on most popular code editors.

If you’re writing any web code (front- or back-end), then it’s likely that you will be…

I began programming in the early 90's using Turbo Pascal, apart from learning how to program in the absence of the Internet it was a great experience. Turbo Pascal was an well made product created by Borland Software Corporation, it was a complete Integrated Development Environment which included the editor, the compiler, the debugger, and the language documentation. Turbo Pascal had all the features I needed.

It run in MS Dos and it was fast. Turbo Pascal built for the Pascal language, it was not a generic IDE that can work with many languages. …

This is the last of 3 posts about improving Node.js for speed. Using a ray tracer (a very non-typical Node.js process) I used a few tools to investigate performance to find the bottlenecks. Part 1 described the process for improving performance and I showed how to use Chrome developer tools and IRHydra² to find performance issues in your Node.js application. Part 2 went into the V8 compiler, which is important to understand if you want to write high-performance JavaScript.

This post will be about multi-threading and how to get the most out of multiple CPU cores with Node.js.

*On the…

This is the second part of my journey on the quest to speed up my ray tracer running under Node.js. The purpose is for me to learn the inner workings of the core engine behind Node.js, the V8 JavaScript engine. In the first part I discussed how to go about performance improvement. Today I will take you through some more optimisation steps and the memory management in V8.

To be able to run optimised code it’s good to understand how the processor, or the CPU (Central Processing Unit) works in detail. The processor is the core part of any computer…

I’ve been working on a little toy project for a while, quite a while, since 2009 and in very occasional fits and bursts. I used it as a way to learn JavaScript and to learn about ray tracing. One thing I enjoy is maximising the performance of a particular algorithm using a given language.

This post is part 1 of 3 that will describe the the process I used for improving the performance of this particular ray tracing algorithm, in JavaScript. …

A couple of months ago I quit my day job to begin my career in robotic sailboats. It’s quite an undertaking to leave a comfortable corporate job while supporting a family as the sole bread winner to embark on journey with an unknown outcome. So far it has had it’s ups and downs, with this blog I hope to share some of the progress made.

What is a robotic sailing boat? It’s a sailboat that can sail itself. Like a drone, or UAV, but on water. The idea is that you will be able to give the boat a set…

I’m an entrepreneur and enjoy inventing things with my own hands.

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