My Story (i.e. About Clay Collins)
Clay Collins

Clay, I loved your “About Me” page. Mostly, I like the honesty. I’m after 30 years, finally dedicating myself to doing what I love, coaching people. Teaching people to “Love” themselves. Teaching people that you can learn everything else, but if you don’t truly understand love, in the end you won’t have true success. It’s taken me 30 darn years to push past fear and bullshit to get to this place. It’s scary, but I’m determined to push myself to success. I’ve been homeless (sorta), in abusive relationships, scared to speak up for myself (because I didn’t feel worthy) aka didn’t know how to Love me. As a child, family members who I respected and loved, made to feel unworthy & insignificant. I’ve witness & felt abuse: physical, verbal & mental. I’ve bullied & harassed, and discriminated against. All that BS can get to you if you let it. Like you I learned to move into my spiritual place and be grateful, loving and kind and my world is good. I know I’ve got a purpose that’s bigger than me. I’m going to stick to the one thing that brings me unlimited JOY, and that’s helping people learn the truth about who they are, and why they are. Thanks for the inspiration. Namaste.

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