Why I Support The “Brexit”


So far it would be difficult to find acitizien from the European Union who does not know what the “Brexit” is, unless he lives really uninformed. Just in case, I will briefly quote our friend Wikipedia:

Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, often shortened to Brexit (a portmanteau of “British” or “Britain” and “exit”)

And also if it needs to be reminded, today the referendum si taking place on British lands, and it might decide not only Great Britain’s future, but all EU’s.

According to the events ocurred this last months (as for example the tragic and brutal murder of the laborist Jo Cox, which some people believe was a political strategy, something I do not agree with and I understand it is not reasonable) and also due to the insistence of so many personalities, I believe that the decission to remain in the union will win.

Even though, against the warnings of so many about the cathastrofic consecuences of the UK taking its own path, I want to share with you a small consideration about why I think that in the long term this would benefit us all:

The first point is simply historical: Great Britain has always done its own thing, that is a reality, and it has always acted following its own convenience. This, apart from topics as the slavery or piracy among others, is not anything bad by itself: a country must before all work for the interest of its citiziens, and from that we the Spaniards, for example, could learn a lot.
They have always played at the both sides of the fence, even stopping others development to their benefit, so if they want to go, let them be in the first place. After all they were never completely inside and, logically, they would like to have the primary role in it.
Someone could state that maybe the best for its citiziens, in the long term, would be precisely a European Union, but lets not mistake this: it must be another European Union.

Lets see now the economic part: it is absolutelly true that in the short term we would experience severe consecuences, but the realiy is that the EU is a very wrongly constructed organism, an economic monster itself, which needs to be absolutelly reconstructed — not even reformed — so it can be what it pretends to be. The present structure blocks the growth of many of its members, in favour only to some others, even with its advantages.

Also, the Greek and the Refugees crisis have demonstrated how this Europe was not able to react on time, even less correctly, to face this problems. If we add the uncontrol on immigration issues (not that I am against immigration itself), and the loss of sorveingty and the european values, which should be the axis from where the union should be built, we see that it is all untenable in the long term, against economic menaces such as China or terrorists like the IS, and even to defend our interests facing Russia, who in some aspects is proving to be even more European that the EU.

In view of all this I insist: the Brexit might become an accidental favour (as any British favours) to Europe, which might start a domino effect that will make the EU stagger and even collapse.
The European Union was born very different, and in order to be useful, so it can help us face menaces such as the ones awaiting, and to compete one on one against economic giants, it should be very distinct. We need a new union which won’t attack the sovereingty of its members, and even respect it, thereso that it won’t indiscriminately try to impose its rules, as it tried to do in Hungary, a union that will really guard the common interest and guarantee the European values, which are no others than the Occidental Civiliazation — not the one based on consumerism, nor or on the exploitation of the week, but the one which searches for an authentic cultural fraternity among Europeans, born after the pillars of Greek philosophy, Roman Law and Christianity (of course this does not imply revoking any religious freedom), and cradle of Modern Science and the Human Rights.

We must advance together, yes, but trully together. And that is why I would like the Brexit to happen, so we can again resume the European Union as a service to its citiziens, as a stronger and more free organism. 
Today we will find out if this agony is to be extended, or if a new begining for Europe is born.