Writing Your Own Story

We are born in a world where diversity is so rich that its richness itself makes life interesting on earth.

Animals, plants and us humans share this common trait and it’s a beautiful thing that results in billions and trillions of possibilities. We have already more than 6 billion humans on planet earth, the blue dot. All these 6 billion people are from diverse background and they significantly differ from one another. This is nature, part of life. Why then we see people constantly keep comparing themselves to others? The question does have some easy answers. Particularly because most of the time people compare the success of others over the inability or the failure of themselves. But what they forgot to think is the reason behind their own lack of successes. In my point of view if you are 18, you are a success. Although this might not apply to all of us, this is a success because you have been able to live 18 years in a world where death some uncertain that it would come in the next moment. And during all that years think of all the things you have been through. Ups and downs may have dominated all through your life. And for all the 6 billion people, the story is different. We are writing our own stories, right now at this second. More unique it is, more valuable it becomes, more beautiful it looks. But every day we see people who are looking up comparing themselves to others, trying to be a story which was already written. But this is no easy task;the story was unique because it was unique as the person who wrote. Therefore, the success of an imitation is rare and hard to come by.

This is why, writing your own story will be a journey of success. So what’s stopping you from writing a one of your own? I can write a list, but I would talk about some popular ones. Because most of us will be familiar with them.

Fear of failure.

Many of us, especially we Sri Lankans are fear of failing. We are afraid of failing and we are afraid of how society thinks of us as failure or think of us as crazy. This thinking ultimately rips us off of many opportunities and possibilities we could have made use of. Starting from the school itself, we are scared of answering or asking a question because we are afraid. But if you for once have tried or answered without thinking about others, you begin to think that it’s not bad as it looks. More we stop thinking of what others think, more we are encouraged to ask questions or answer them. I partially blame the way of learning for this matter, because whenever we learn things, we go through text books and materials which is likely to have the correct concept or the socially accepted concepts. This doesn’t allow us to fail which I think is an important part of learning. When we are not familiar with failure, it instills a fear in us and it would eventually lead us to places where we are no longer trying out something new or doing something different because we fear failure. But then again failure may lead to two possible outcomes. One outcome will lead one to be discouraged and other will motivate a person keep on fighting. Winston Churchil once said “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts. “ Which implies that no matter if you are successful or not, the important thing is to keep on fighting and doing whatever we need to do. As a person this is the line of thinking, or the course of action that one must follow to reach their goals.


This is one of the worst things you can do. It does have some good sides as well, but despite all that some of us does these comparisons to undermine us. Why do I say comparison is bad? It is simple. As I mentioned early in the article we all are different in many ways and therefore worrying about these differences, or that “I’m not like the other” is pointless. We all are humans and we all are born with a brain capable of different things. My brain might be able to do things better someone else but at the same time his/her brain might be much better at doing some kind of other thing.This is the beauty of diversity. Because of these differences we end up doing different things, in a different way. This makes a person unique. But nowadays people try to imitate others and therefore the uniqueness we once experienced or we expect is not to be seen among the people. This is disheartening because uniqueness results in innovations while lack of uniqueness doesn’t help us much to improve ourselves.

Another problem of comparison is that it makes people worry about things they don’t have or not capable of or not familiar with. But again this worrying sentiment is really bad for a person. Humans are gifted in the art of learning and therefore with proper practice they are able to learn about a subject and use it as they please. However, learning anything takes time, some people are able to grasp within seconds while someone else might take a year or so. This is another point at which we people worry. Each of us have our own phase and being different we may have different phases of learning. You might not learn It today, but somehow you will learn or get to some point in your life if you tried and keep at it, so we shouldn’t be worried about someone achieving something in their own phase but rather bring yourself to finish it soon in your own phase.

I can go on but the idea I’m trying to convey is the same. Failure is not something we should stop at and it doesn’t mean that we are not capable of doing something. But failure is indeed what makes a person. Think of failure as a calling to go forward and keep fighting even if you don’t see the light at the end . Be yourself the light, the guardian and go on your own way, enjoy its’ uniqueness because life in the cosmos is a gift that shouldn’t be wasted on worries and constant competition among one another.

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