Everyone (I hope) agree that team is what matters most when choosing where to work and on what. Early in our careers we may focus on it less, but it still matters. Later in our careers it seems to matter more. Or maybe that is just me.

Either way, team is valued since you want to work with people you can ‘work’ with. People you can learn from and people you frankly ‘can stand’ if stuck in an airport for a 8 hour delay.

There is something else though. And that is the feeling of someone who gets you and someone that you connect with more than others in your work place. Often that is a colleague ‘on your level’ or perhaps a boss that somehow connects with you beyond being a professional mentor.

In my first job I had a boss like that, in later jobs I did not have either and then after building my own business I ended up in a large corp with a boss that was like a peer and now is a friend. And I have had a few colleagues that I saw as true team mates.

Lately, in startup land, I have found a team of one. A co-founder of the business I joined who on many levels is the best ‘partner’ I have had professionally. He knows when to push, and how. He has his moments of uncertainty/freakout, where I can step in and support (and I have moments like that too of course). He often has the ‘right’ answer, but does not make it seem that way, and he always listens intently and finds a way to see your view (whether mine, a client, or our investors).

We’ve been through a good amount of challenges together already and perhaps that is why we have ‘connected’ in the way we have. Adversity makes you stronger? But, where ever we end up with this business, and later on with other projects I can easily see us doing something together again. And that is not that common, even in start-up land. And it makes me feel pretty darn good.

Originally published on Worry-Free Writing