Letting Go Of Expectations

Life is a forest.

From the minute I was born, expectations were set (or I thought so). Although these expectations were directly correlated to overwhelming love, it indirectly built fear/obstacles/walls/demons inside me. Fortunately, I was given a canvas to re-create, which is extremely rare in the traditional Korean culture. But instead of re-creating, I replicated.

Recently, a mentor (now, friend) of mine spontaneously asked me to dinner, coincidently on one of the worst days I’ve had in Austin. For the first 45 minutes, I was paralyzed. I didn’t know what to say, how to act, mainly because I was “star struck.” Up to that point, I let expectations take control of my mind, body and soul. It would be easy for me to blame my immigrant parents, old peers on Wall Street or Twitter, but at the end of the day, I just have to let go.

My name is Paul Park and I am a tree.