Born in the Eighties. How i see the present time.

**Our lifestyle**

We love to travel and explore. Traveling energizes us. We’re so damn lucky we can get almost anywhere these days.

Thanks to internet and increasing life expectancy we can learn a great deal from a simple Google search and from our grandparents. We go on Erasmus or study abroad and learn foreign languages. We didn’t stop buying books- yep, the kind made of paper and ink. We care deeply about seeing Hamilton musical.

We are still excited about walking, cycling, cooking, drawing and growing plants. Our fridge and pantry contain some super and raw foods to keep our brain operating at maximum efficiency. Shopping? Our apps know our taste. And Amazon is currently reinventing the grocery store experience.

As customers we want to be respected and understood. We listen to our peers, research heavily online and if we’re unhappy we post complaints on social media.

We flat share and once in a while we get annoyed about the fact that we have no real privacy. Someone else is using our free space whenever we are not there.

It makes less sense for us to own a car because we can call Uber, Lyft, or other ridesharing services.

Environmental problems seem to impact us all the more. The demand for electricity is increasing. We are interested in long term sustainable transport and sustainable energy generation.

**Meet our job demands**

For most of us it’s about meaning. We want to know we’re doing something interesting and useful. We wanna work in a place that offers new and hard problems and we’re ready and willing to take on them.

We want to work with smart people. Ideal company culture is a place where everyone is on the same page.

We can work from anywhere. We feel most comfortable with a laptop, solid internet connection and a coffee/tea supply.

The boundary between weekdays and the weekend is blurred. We want to get stuff done and work when we can.


There is a digital extension of ourselves- i.e. our phone, computer, applications or communications on social media.

We love to work with cutting-edge technologies. We can build an application in a week time, and without buying any hardware we can be up and running in minutes.

Using a $100 device we can have an instant visual connection with people on the other side of the world. And for free. Needless to say we can talk to millions of people simultaneously.

We see artificial intelligence is being developed by technology giants such as Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook. A bevy of entrepreneurs are trying to make space travel the new norm.

Yet we didn’t figure everything out and so we stay curious. Now more than ever world needs visionaries, innovators and people taking bold bets.

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