Bill Graham on His Political Memoir and Foreign Policy in Relation to Indigenous Affairs.

On November 14, 2017, PsPP interviewed Bill Graham, one of Canada’s most prominent citizens, who has been a distinguished law professor, an early advocate for gay and lesbian rights, a senior minister in the federal cabinet, leader of Her Majesty’s loyal opposition, philanthropist and the chancellor of one of the country’s most prestigious universities.

The first portion of our conversation was about his political memoir “ The Call of World”; we have started our conversation about his choice of beginning his memoir with a declaration of his intricate family history including how he has learnt who his real biological father was.

He talked about why he devoted several pages to gay and lesbian rights and society’s gradual recognition and acceptance of the LGBTQ community in relation to his personal narrative.

He gave us a good overview of how good foreign policy is often about finding that [values and interests] may become mutually reinforcing. In this respect, Bill critically discussed the Cartesian framework — a way of thinking embedded in French and international law — and its shortcomings, particularly in relation to the interpretation of secularism (laicism) in the context of public policy. Concerning the foreign policy, Bill additionally expressed his own take on the current court decision related to Omar Khadr file and the public backlash.

On the indigenous affairs front, Bill told us a story that he recently has come across among indigenous communities which was inspirational to him. He also elaborated the international dimension when it comes to indigenous affairs and how the International Rotary network would be instrumental in supporting the cause of reconcilation locally.

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