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Hugh Segal on Political Participation, Basic Income Project , and Red Toryism

On October 24, PsPP interviewed Hugh Segal, Head of the Massey College at the University of Toronto. We started our conversation by asking him about political participation. Today, only a slim slice of the population is in any way involved in political activities. Hugh Segal explained how much different from today the poltical participation was during his younger years, and what inspired him to be involved in political activities.

During his successful career, Hugh Segal served as Chief of Staff to Ontario Premier Bill Davis and Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and held numerous different roles as a political staffer previously. Alhtough this is the case, he did not you pursue to be a politician instead, other than a few instances. He also explained the reason behind this decision of remaining as a senior political staffer.

At some point, Richard Nixon advocated for basic income. There are different ways of implementing the same idea. We asked him in the case of a conservative government after 2018 election whether he sees any revisions to the current project.

We conclude our conversation with asking him what it means to be a Red Tory and the future of Red Toryism. Hope you enjoy our conversation.

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