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In July 2015, PsPP interviewed John Andras, the chair of the Aboriginal Service Committee of The Rotary Club of Toronto. This special committee allows and invites the club members to engage in the process of Truth and Reconciliation. At their meetings, the committee members regularly invite indigenous leaders to educate them on their history, on current realities and on how best to serve.

The committee engages with community partners to craft projects and programs to respond to the needs of First Nations people both on and off the reserve. — See more at:


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John Andras

John Andras is Executive Vice-President of the Andras Group. He is a shareholder and Director of Mackie Research Capital Corporation. John is a past President of the Rotary Club of Toronto, Chair of SKETCH, and a Paul Harris Fellow.

PsPP podcasts of interviews with private and public sector leaders, aims to stimulate discussions at the intersection of politics and public policy.

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