Finding UX In Our Daily Life

I wanted to find an article that explored the impact bike riding has on UX, and was lucky enough to find a interesting piece that connects the concept of visiting a new website with someone learning to commute via bike. The writer bring up three major takeaways from his newfound travel experience. The first of which is to pay attention to best practices; expect basic traffic knowledge to be easily expanded upon. He goes on to explain how clear communication (key features and indicators) are similar tools that can enhance an experience, similar to a favorite route that one takes everday and all aspects of which are thoroughly understood. If there’s any interferance with that route, your experience will be affected negaively. Finally, he talks about ease of use. The more muscle memory you attain, the easier the experience will be. This will allow you to have more fun and be able to intereact with different things, like noticing the changing leaves on trees as you ride by!

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