This is your usual (well actually even better than your super usual) over the top reality creation…
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

How wonderful this scenario!

Let’s hope The Dickless Pig will go along with it. However, as an Indiana native and long-time sufferer under (former Gov now VP) Penceldick, I am well aware that he will happily, nay gleefully! take over the White House after Drumpy slithers out. I hereby assure you that this jerk has been waiting for just this moment since Drumpy first thought of offering him the job of poop-scooper. And he won’t let go so easily. Nope, Penceldick will be having daily rollicking evangelical prayer-breakfasts with every brand and flavor of religious right nut he can muster. They will bow and scrape to him so loudly you’ll be able to hear it on the space station.

And when Penceldick declares that HE is God’s real anointed savior of America, that God speaks to him & thru him … well, let the New Crusades begin.

How ya gonna get THAT dickweed out?

And even if you could manage THAT miracle, who’s next in line to take over? None other than Handy Dandy Ryan. And on and on. Is there NO hope for America at all?

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