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Unbelievable, and in your way of thinking Obama would have been removed much sooner than any other President in history. In fact that SHOULD have happened if our Gov’t wasn’t hopelessly gridlocked in a war for the soul of this nation. The same electorate that elected Donald Trump — gave full majorities to both houses of Congress based on the promise of impeaching that Communist criminal. He put Nixon AND Slick Willy to shame, committed impeachable offences daily — yet there were enough turn coats in the Republican party, who lie, cheat and do whatever it takes to keep their seats and who clearly have forgotten how this Gov’t works. We are not

“ ruled” over in America. We give our consent to be Governed. However when a rogue Gov’t begins to act in its own self interest rather than in the interest of the ppl the founders gave us a remedy for that. And it’s quickly coming.

That same Congress that you whined about stopping Barry from implementation of his Communist principles was put there for just that reason. But Barry being the Chicago hood rat that he is with 0 respect for the law or legal systems in the US decided that he had a

“phone and a pen” and overnight went from a President to a King. We DO NOT have Kings. We DO NOT have Czars. At any rate, instead of being impeached as he should have been he just set a precedent and opened the door for every single President who follows to do the same. Ignore the power of the legislature to write laws and do it themselves. Hell, we shouldn’t even be paying congress. They’re certainly not DOING anything right now other than obstructing the President of the United States from implementation of the policies that the people who put him in office want implemented. Good thing Barry taught all us ignorant ppl how it’s really done. A phone and a pen is all that’s needed. Maybe Barry was on to something. You communists sure don’t like your own tactics used against you.

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