Meeting Expectations Is Never Worth It.

0.00001% is the chance you have of your plane crashing on your next flight. As exciting as that is, it really amounts to nothing. Our expectations are that we won’t crash when we fly. This is why airlines, and any other business, need to go above and beyond expectations to be remarkable and make an impact within their community.

Southwest Airlines does this by making your flight an enjoyable experience by allowing their flight crew to have fun and engage their passengers to create memorable experiences.

Disney creates an environment, NAY, a world where magic truly exists. Where imaginations run wild, whimsey is captured, and families are drawn together around a common experience.

Chick-fil-A has created a cult following where people cry on Sundays for biscuits, and even have sweet tea withdrawals if they don’t get their daily fix.

All of these companies have done this not because of the products they offered, but because of the experiences they have created as they have gone above and beyond customers expectations. In doing this, they have created life altering brands, joined peoples stories, and made it impossible for people not to remark.

In a world of 4 out of 5 stars, it is our job as employees, creatives, owners, doers, and humans who work, to figure out how to surpass expectations and get that 5th star.

Here are a few thoughts and lessons I have learned in relation to creating these remarkable experiences:

  1. Know the specific audience you are trying to reach.
  2. Ask your audience and those around you for advice.
  3. Tangibly write out, notecard out, what you offer and how it meets your audiences needs. Then push this offerings to the limit and plot out what you ca do with what you offer that goes beyond expectations.
  4. Dream BIG. What can you create that isn’t being done and that isn’t expected.
  5. Review 3 and 4 and make sure it fits number 1, and kill what isn’t working or needed.

I know this is all easier said then done and is something I am constantly working through, but all of these little checks are so important if we want to go beyond expectations.

What are some ways you are helping the communities around you while being remarkable?

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