Why I Left NPR
Stephen Henn

In making your decision, did you notice this part of the report on AQH decline:

“Meanwhile, audience on digital platforms has been growing for NPR and stations. NPR saw a 75 percent increase in podcast downloads from January 2014 to January 2015. Station websites saw a 61 percent increase in audience from 2013 to 2014, and NPR.org grew its audience nearly 35 percent.

But Villota acknowledged that tools are lacking to track digital listening and “at this point, we don’t think that digital listening is making up for the lost broadcast listening,” she said.”

This seems a HUGE point. I, for instance, rarely catch my favourite NPR shows Live (and never via traditional broacast - I live in Canada so I have to stream or delay-play) but I expect that most under 60s are doing the same. and their listenership is not being tracked in the numbers.

Don’t be fooled. NPR and its ilk (PRI, BBC, even PRX) will be leading the pack for a long long time I expect.

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