A Poem on My Mother — PSTS Logistics Trivia

My Mother
 My mom, my everything! This is for you!
 You are the air I Breathe,
 You infuse and seethe;
Love, in everything I see,
 You are the rushing emotions in me…
 You are the rain and sea,
 You make the compete me;
 You are the cure in my sickness,
 You are the tight in my darkness…..
 You are the red in my vein,
The tush of the green grass lane;
 You are the Black of my eye,
 And you mate my heart fly…
 You are a Busy Bee in hive,

Smiley You strive hard to make me live;
 You are the reason for my smile,
 You stretch my heart for a mile….
 You are Bright in my right,
The softest light at night,
 You are the window of my heart,
 You are my half part…
 You are the reason why the shy is blue,
 You are the grass and the dew;
 You are the Brightest rainbow,
And that’s why I love you so!
 (Mom, sorry to reveal to you that I have Been writing poetry for quite a white and you have to know this only when all the other Blessed readers come to know this).

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