Supernatural and Miracles are natural and normal in the Kingdom of Christ. Take yours today! Your FAITH is overcoming the world. Therefore, fight the good fight of Faith in that area of concern in your life.

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There is what to do, there is the part of GOD, and the part of man in every miracle. Take corresponding action in faith today! For Faith without work is dead! (James 2: 26)

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5. Engage your substance of faith

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The Word of God spoken to you at the Boiling Point of Faith is your Sword of the Spirit. Engage it, speak it back to your mountain! It is your Divine Key to victory!

Attaining the Boiling Point of Faith is key to prevailing in Faith. Until you get to this point, you are not yet in Faith.

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It is The Word of Life, hidden inside the Scriptures that create Miracles. Engage the scriptures with expectations of receiving the Word of Life.

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Precision is key in the Spirit Realm.

Understanding what you are battling is very important in the fight of faith. Problems have different root causes; hence, require different approaches in combatting them. Until you know the WHY of your problem, you will never pray right nor win in the fight of faith.

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The Word of God is not just the Bible, The Word of God is Hidden inside the Bible, You have to Dig Deep to Encounter Him.

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We are called to reign as Kings and Priests here on earth.

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Every sickness, oppression & illness starts with a SYMPTOM, that slight headache, that small swollen, sharp pain, leg pain, hand pain, sleeplessness, waist pain, tummy pain, tooth ache… This is when we are to REBUKE the sickness.

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Faith is the Language of GOD. Faith is the means of communication and the means of transactions in the Kingdom of Christ.

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