An Introduction


Yesterday while talking to Aditi Surana — A Graphologist and Coach, I realized that if I write regularly 1. I can improve my writing 2. I can connect to a lot of people who think alike and 3. I can express myself and thus put all my thoughts out there, and so here I start my journey.

Honestly, this isn’t the first time I am writing a blog, but the blogs that feature my real name put a lot of restrictions on the kind of thoughts I can express and those I can’t. Especially because there are some secrets that you want to talk about but don’t want the world to know that they are your secrets, right? And I want this blog to be my safe space.

I would definitely want to give some basic details about me though, which won’t reveal who I am but at the same time give you a context about why I write what I write. I’m a 24 years old women living in Bombay going through quarter life crisis (or so I believe) and I write. I am not a great writer, nor is my English flawless. I write to vent, I write to express and I write to tell the world what, why and how I feel. I have gone through my own set of issues, I’m going through some now as well and I believe sharing your experiences lighten your mind, gets you different perspectives and sometimes helps others to deal with their life or just make them feel they aren’t alone.

I strongly in believe in the power of art. I love cooking, painting, dancing, eating and writing. All these help me de-stress and make me happy. I’m a learner and I’m evolving every moment. I hope you can connect to my life, thoughts, opinions and do not shy away from expressing yours. Lets do this!