Final Representation and Reflection

Hidden-cam photos of Mikah Wong


  • Designing the flow and system within a restaurant which is mostly individual booths with livestream videos
  • Coming up with more innovative ways to stimulate people’s senses while they are eating, so that new restaurants can compete with older ones
  • Designing the packaging of future food products, to make them seem less medical and unfriendly, so that the public is more acceptable of this change
  • Designing different ways food can be innovative: different shapes food 3D printers can make, different materials it can print with, different methods of cooking 3D printed foods, how to make these machines cheap/portable/light/small/sleek
  • Redesigning the purpose of the kitchen
  • The UI/UX of restaurant websites: how do people ‘download’ dishes, how do people pay for it online
  • Thinking about the future of how people can pay for food: with instagram presence (followers, likes?)?
  • Speculating further into the future of where this is leading us: will normal cooked food become obsolete? If so, what are the consequences of that, and what do we need to prepare for when that future comes?
  • Thinking about different ways to spin this ‘convenient downloadable food’/ ‘3D printable food’ technology into ways to create good social impact: will it be easier to distribute the necessary nutrients needed in a day to developing countries?
  • Now that food/eating is more of a career, an independent experience where people are more focused on doing it ‘well’ rather than enjoying the moment for how it makes them feel, designers will be challenged with having to design new infrastructure or systems that enables people to interact and bond to replace the social/people gathering nature of food



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