Scenarios inside the magazines

Food Celebrity:

  • What’s in her bag? An exclusive interview with xxx
  • Shocking! Leaked footage filmed by hidden cameras installed in Y’s house by obsessed fans.
  • The downfall of Y: Confessions of a food celebrity’s “best friend”.
  • → not able to eat at any other restaurant? Have to be careful with every movement to not be advertising another company’s products


  • One sided table facing a TV screen, they scroll through the menu by looking at short clips of that restaurant’s sponsored celebrity eating stuff to pick.
  • Pay with instagram followers? Once you get to the table, plug your phone into the holder/finger print scan??? it will analyse your profile and then place you in a tier. top/mid/low — prices (and quality/aesthetics?) of food will be different.
  • On menu: there can be options ? pick according to photo style? “edgy”, “cool”, “romantic” etc.
  • Luxury food menus are 3D printed / milled
  • you can subscribe to a taste kit? or downloadable flavours? food will be 3d printed right in front of you?

Normal people:

  • People can start subscribing for friends to eat with like how they subscribe to netflix?
  • “I can’t even tell if she really wants to spend time with me, or just needs someone else to be there so she can take photos of a larger variety of food”


  • University: Now accepting applications for the class of 2030! Auditions will be held at xxx hall and the panelist will be chef x, videographer x,


  • Future tinder profiles? — tindersocial: we’re eating here!

The newspaper/magazine should have advertisements of new innovations also.