People/Things that exist in the future


  • (Food) Celebrities
  • Managers
  • Trainers
  • Chefs
  • Photographers
  • Filmographers / Videographers


  • Schooling system (universities)
  • Restaurants
  • Jobs

Food Aesthetic Enhancing Products

  • Edible Spray: shiny, matte, colour-enhancing, moist, “fresh” (just-cooked look), extra stretchy cheese spray, slow down the soggyness,
  • removable/peelable decorations? dont want to taste it but want it to be there
  • instant plate stain remover (v. intricate)
  • magnifying glass
  • Decoration brush
  • Food tape
  • “Garnish” — decorations made from lower cost materials to imitate luxury things like caviar?
  • Arm supports? anti-shaking / anti-vibration device
  • Food filters (physical filters?)
  • Pocket Natural lighting
  • Reflectors
  • Anti-shadow

Products to deal with the consequences of this trend

  • “Stomach Tap”
  • Anti-hunger pill
  • Digestion pill
  • Anti-full pill
  • Food compacting pill?
  • IV drip food bag (its a product that everyone knows about, but is not encouraged? society doesn’t approve of it)
  • Stomach expansion surgery?
  • Appetite boosting pill