For this assignment, I wandered around in East Liberty, and into Garfield, then Lawrenceville into The Strip District. I picked areas that I enjoyed visiting usually, just to see if I could notice anything else if I went there to wander, rather than to indulge myself in the beautiful aesthetics and trendy foods of the new cafes and restaurants in the area.

Garfield/East Liberty

Celebrating diversity:

I was on an uber heading to Garfield (this was on Penn Ave — East Liberty), chatting with the driver about how much the area has changed. Just as we were discussing that topic, 2 families were crossing the road with their babies — one white family and one black family.

“See, a few years ago you would never see this. See how nice this is? I really think East Liberty has changed for the better”

This was really nice to see, but from what we learned in class, and from seeing all the ‘for sale’ signs in Garfield


Lawrenceville is a ‘diverse’ neighbourhood:

Lawrenceville is a ‘friendly’ neighbourhood:

The Strip District

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