Every morning our dog, Tucker, and I take a walk around our neighborhood and here’s what I experience.

Almost every morning around nine o’clock our dog, Tucker, springs to life the second he hears me touch his leash, no matter how quietly I do it and he comes running to…

Why I Don’t Want to Live Near an Ocean.

My Tribute to a Wonderful Christian Woman and Friend.

I don’t think I should give out her real name so I’ll just refer to her as Jill. She was a self described Christian who passed away recently from COVID. Her family said she passed away peacefully in the hospital surrounded…

How I Learned Not to Trust My Neighbors

It was the Fall’ of 1961 and I was in the sixth grade which was my last year of elementary school in Wichita, Kansas which was my hometown. I lived alone with my mother because she’d divorced my dad five years earlier…

It’s Weird Being the Same Age as OLD PEOPLE.

There are 76.4 million of us baby boomers now in the USA, per the U.S. Census Bureau

I went to my 50th class reunion recently and when I walked in and looked around I wondered where my classmates were because all I saw were a bunch of old people? Yeah…

It lasted three months and if you’ve ever been curious as to what it would be like, read on

It was 1986' and it had been six months since I’d been forced out of my sixteen year career at Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. due to divestiture which our government had…

Why I am Pro Life.

Pro Life is self explanatory and there are many reasons why I am, but it’s hard for me to understand why so many are Pro Choice

Yes I’ve heard it. The mantra of the opposition is ‘My Body, My Choice.’

Just a few of the go-to- meals I have discovered when I really don’t want to cook, but be warned, because none of these are low cal

Our absolute favorite is this simplified version of the famous dish, Beef bourguignon.

One Hormel (or similar brand) Roast Beef Au Jus. 1 cup of dry egg noodles, and 1–2 jars of Beefy gravy. (Two jars if you love gravy). A can of Mushroom pieces and stems, or 1/2 cup of fresh M’s chopped.

Cook the roast beef per microwave instructions.

Boil the egg…

I used to get two sinus infections a year. One in Spring’ and another in Fall’ until I made these changes

The pic is like me blowing a goodbye kiss to my old enemy the dreaded yearly sinus infections I used to get.

I’ll try to make this as succinct…

The Riverside Brats Adventure at Kirby Castle…circa 1963'

Happy Halloween

Me and my buds in the neighborhood had decided this would be the day we’d ride our bikes to Kirby castle and check it out before the city would demolish it

We had seen the large sign posted in the front yard of the castle a week earlier…

Pam Winter

Christian. Wife, Mimi, and shih tzu mom. Retired & loving it! Dry sense of humor. Loves nature. I write about...everything. I make Crows blush.

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