With all the buzz around Elon’s takeover of Twitter and users switching platforms, many to Mastodon, I’ve been tidying-up platform links.

I still mainly:
Write at Psybertron on Wordpress, and
Interact at Psybertron on Twitter.

Sidebar links now include my Mastodon, Discord, Medium and Wordpress links and you’ll find me on Telegram and WhatsApp for dialogue. I also have an overarching but little used Ian Glendinning Internet Projects page.

[And PS — remember because I blog originally over on Wordpress, the posts shared here on Medium tend to be only first drafts — if you find a post interesting follow the link to the Wordpress Psybertron version.]



Ian Glendinning @Psybertron

Blogging since 2001 primarily via Wordpress on www.psybertron.org asking What, why and how do we know? A rationalist keeping science & humanism honest.