Hello there, Psych Club!

I hope you’re all doing really well and I hope the new semester isn’t giving anyone any trouble. Between Spring 2016 being well underway and the many new changes to Psych Club, this looks like a promising start to the new year.

New President, Natalia (left), and former president, Brett (right).

Updates (Feb 9th): Our most noticeable change is that our former President, Brett Anderson, stepping down, allowing our former Vice President, Natalia Adams, to take her place. The election was heated however. Will Landaverde was considered for the position and deemed equally qualified but in the end, the club decided to give Natalia the designation.

Kareen Lopez won the role of Vice President and agreed to work closely with Will, looking toward future presidential roles. Other changes in the officers included swearing Stephanie Varela in as Secretary, Theresa Morgan-Cruz as head of public relations, and Brain, Miriam and Cynthia joining the PR team (thank them for the wonderful photos you’ll see here).

We are so Jung so come help us grow!

Updates (Feb 16th): Today we watched a video explaining — through science, of course — how to really hunker down and achieve those New Year’s Resolutions we all love to make. Watch it here. In the spirit of the New Year, we shared our goals for Spring 2016 and we designated a box with all our resolutions for the New Semester inside only to be reviewed at the end.

Join us for Club Rush! Club Rush is LACC’s two day event where all the cool clubs answer questions and get new members out in the quad (by Admissions and the Business Offices). We need ideas, people, and friendly faces. If you want to stop by, meet us at the Quad March 16th and 17th.

We are planning Spring Movie Night. We need movie ideas and help to set it all up! If you have a movie idea, please feel free to post it on our Facebook Page.

Aside from all that, this blog is something I’ve wanted to be involved in for a while. Natalia and I are still working together to try and figure out the nuts and bolts of how this will work but for now, this blog will generally consist of psych related factoids and newsworthy things and club updates.

However, I completely consider this the Club’s blog, and not my own. That being said, if anyone has any ideas or comments, please feel free to talk to me in person or through my email (below) and we can totally make this blog as awesome as the club.

Have a good spring, Jungians!

— Andrew


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