3 Reasons Why Food Is the Heart of Every Party, Wedding, or Gathering

Are you wondering why is catering such a big part of parties and events? Here, are some answers for you.

Mr Psychedeli
3 min readMar 15, 2018


No matter if you are arranging a social event, a gathering, or a wedding, the hero of the party is always food. Usually, parties are full of glamour, pomp, and show, along with a lot of chatter, games, and fun; you meet new people, make friends, judge each other, participate in gossip, and come back home with a lot of mirth and joy. But, the thing that ties up the party together is food. To sum it up, no occasion is complete without food.

And that is the very reason why you must invest in a good company offering catering in Canberra. Or if you can, get hold of a venue that also provides you with catering services. Good quality food in a generous quantity, presented in a tantalizing manner, a menu comprising a variety of cuisines from different parts of the world, and in a delicious taste is what you should be looking for when hiring a caterer Canberra. Along with that, don’t lose sight of factors like cleanliness, professionalism, and hospitality of the catering service.

Are you still in two minds about whether you should give so much importance to the food and beverage in your party? Then, here’s why food is at the heart of every party. Take a look.

Break the Ice

In a social gathering, corporate event, or a party, there are various kinds of people. Some of them will be extroverts, who will chit-chat and be very amicable but there will also be others who are shy and would take time to open up to others. But, do you think your party will be a grand success if your guests don’t mingle well? Absolutely not! That is where your catering service will come into play. Food will encourage networking. This is a great way for your guests to break the ice and start talking to each other. Most of the conversations, you will notice, are held around food stations or the dinner tables where most people break into small groups around food counters that they are most interested in. Instead of having them served at the table, if you have a buffet system, it will require guests to walk around and can be a great conversation starter.

Create a Pique of Interest

Sometimes, especially if you are hosting a social event or a business meet, there might be people who will not be very interested or might feel bored amidst all the talk. One way you can pull your guests to the party and in turn, address a social agenda or promote a particular product or service for your business, would be to offer a delectable variety of food. If you hire a venue that also offers catering Canberra, you can design an intriguing menu together with the chef, that will keep the interest going and people will stay in your party. You can pitch new ideas or talk about your business goals in a corporate party while gorging on lip-smacking snacks.

Boost the Energy Level

Not every party or gathering happens in the morning. Some parties are held late at night, and the attendees drop by your party after a hard, long day at work. By the time they reach your party, their energy drops down and they are totally laid-back to participate in any conversation. So, you should think of something to drive them and boost their energy levels. Light refreshments and snacks along with refined beverages will help them get energized and you will see, they will not only add more vigour to your party but will also enjoy themselves better. And as a host, this must be your prime desirous goal.

So, whether it is a wedding, corporate, or birthday party venue Canberra, you must invest in catering services and see how food can be the secret ingredient of cooking up any successful party.

Author Bio: William Nothling, a regular blogger on catering Canberra, here writes on a few reasons why food is so important in a party and hence, you should book a wedding or birthday party venue Canberra which can also provide a caterer Canberra.