I have a dream

It’s in the soil patiently growing,

Sprouting into blooming flowers and flourishing trees.

This world,

This entwining universe of roots and vines twirling through the stars,

Bonds the light within us.

The life illuminating from our veins shines through the dense bark that we call our skin.

I see the light of where we grew from,

I see it showing us the way of what we once were.

The stars and seeds creating a universe that we have fallen in love with,

Or to be more exact,

That I have fallen in love with.

These seeds born from the compounds of this star struck sky.

Nourished in the glimmers of the light raining down

Showering sparkles of fluorescent sparks into the warmth of the atmosphere.

And as each seed grows and blossoms, they weave with the starry night sky.

The luminescent ocean swirling with the pulse of the lightning storm.

I am dreaming of a place just within reach and yet a universe away.

I’m being caressed by a place I call home.