Computer processor of a mathematical expression.

The older processors just look like a circle. The old version of a sphere in symbols looks like a circle with a dotted line making an equator out of it. There’s two ways to see my design.

When you look from the left to right the center point of the circle is located and two arms go out to its height. This angle needs to be established to get as close as you can to dividing a circle into a point of a triangle. Reading this you can infer that there’s a point in the back of the circle and that it gets bigger to the edge up to the size of the circle.

Then when you imply this, you read it backwards, and you see that from the largest point it goes into the smallest as the other way around. This puts two motions to the symbol and leaves the only two possibilities. That at two points does the circle curve over and makes a sphere. Side to this that it could just mean two circles like inter crossed rings. More to the point of a processor.

These interpretations show how many electrical pulses that can be sent into the ring. If the two arms were connected in soft tissue of ear with neurons on them, I think that we would have a photo-chemical-electrical nervous system. Also map the brain processing speed.

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