Get an Instant Answer Tarot Reading

A person sometimes experiences an unexplainable solace when he turns to the science of predictions by which he tries to gauge what went wrong with him in the past that he is now experiencing a life that he is currently leading, or what solutions or precautions can be taken now, at this present moment, in order to play safe in the future. And sometimes, it is not the just the troubled and weak souls that walk into the mystique chambers of the tarot reader to get an instant answer tarot reading, but even the curious ones do — why? Because they are curious!


Tarot card reading trend has been continuing since time immemorial and is still trending in the current day and age where modernism is the mainstream ideology followed by people. For the sceptics and the newbies, tarot card prediction is the prediction of the characteristics of a person and also foretelling his future based on the cards he chooses from the deck of cards displayed before him by the tarot card reader. The cards are nothing but ancient symbols or religious allegories that possess a definite meaning known and understood only by the expert who brings you a fascinating and engaging narrative behind the card you chose for her and explain her theories based on her study and knowledge.

The Tarot cards are segregated into categories, namely the Trump, Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. In lay man terms, we can see that in total there are 78 cards out of which 22 fall into the category of Trump, and 14 each fall into the other four categories. Every card has a specific image, a name and a meaning described for it. For example, the Trumps set consists of cards named The Fool, The Magician, The Empress, The Lovers, The Chariot, etc.; the Wands set comprise the Ace of Wands, Two of Wands, Three of Wands, etc.; the Cups comprise the Ace of Cups, Two of Cups, Three of Cups, etc.; the Swords deck include the Ace of Swords, Two of Swords, Three of Swords, etc.; and similarly the Pentacles have the Ace of Pentacles, Two of Pentacles, Three of Pentacles, etc.


The Trumps represent quintessential images and symbols which tell the story of the Fool or the delirium, starting at number 0 while traversing through all other life experiences finally ending at the World card at number 21. These are also called The Major Arcana. The next 56 are The Minor Arcana which include the Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles.

So what do these tarot cards actually tell?

Tarot cards are a way to know what could happen to you in the near future based on what circumstances are binding you in the present. That is, they do not exactly tell you about your future, in the sense, will your relationship be a long-term commitment, will you get that job you are most awaiting, or will lady luck favour you enough in your endeavours that you soar to great heights quickly. No, these are not the results you would get if you approach a tarot reader.

They can only help you from making your current situations turn worse in the near future. If something is bothering you right now, their predictions might give the reason behind those sufferings and the ways to come out of it; but they won’t confirm whether you will undergo a similar situation in the future or whether you will go through anything worse.

Instant Tarot Reading

Instant Answer Tarot Reading

As the name suggests, it is the current instant that is taken into consideration. If you are going through some rough phase right now, the tarot reader would predict the current reason behind such a suffering and offer you her advice based on her knowledge and her predictions. The tarot readers will ask you to pick up card by card and analyse the images present on them and tell you the solutions for the same.

If, for example, your relationship seems to at lowest possible level, the reader instantly might first predict this downfall through the cards you select and tell you that this about why the thing that is worrying you. Next, if you give in to pick up more cards for her, she will willingly take the problem as a challenge and try to figure what personality traits of yours or what characteristics of yours do you have to amend in order to keep that relationship alive so that your negative impact on the relationship is reduced and your see a better way of working things out.

Every predicting science is never 100% accurate. There are things that might work for you and things that don’t work for you. Ultimately, you should be the master of your own destiny, your own future. If you shoulder the responsibility towards your thoughts and deeds, nothing can ever go wrong in life!