This Is The Most Liberating New Year’s Resolution I Could Come Up With

The latest #bitcoinHype hit me hard. Point being: I missed it. I was following the developments for some time but I never invested and thus I missed the opportunity of making so much money. #fomo in my face. But why did it hit me so hard? It wasn’t so much because of the money I could have made. After all, I’m not too much interested in making money out of nothing, anyways. It was because I realized that I’m #chasingHypes.

What is all the #hype in life good for, anyway?

Of course, I’m an #entrepreneur, #intrapreneur, #whateverpreneur and a #digitalnomad and a #girlboss and, and, and… I won’t stop being me but I guess It’s worth choosing the labels wisely. #wineLover is on top of the list so far.

Of course, I work in an #agile environment just like so many and no one can deny we are living in a #vuca world, not even me. But do we even need to talk about this? If there is so much work of value to do?

…needless to say that this post is strictly #vegan.

There is a good reason I haven’t invested in cryptocurrencies so far: I’m a true believer in generating real value with what you do. And I thought I know what real value is about and that hypes are easily bursting bubbles, and bubbles are bullshit. And bullshit is quite the opposite of value. Although, when I learned that Bitcoin (and all the other cryptocurrencies) was reaching an unseen hight I felt like an idiot of not being part of the #hype. Even though I choose consciously to wait and see. Me feeling idiotic about missing a hype made me feel really idiotic. So I made up my mind: #2018 I will #keepOffHypes. Please remind me.

In 2018 I will be more careful to not cross the line stepping into hypes light-minded: #noHype, #noFomo! Maybe #nohype will become a #hype. For sure, there’s some work that delivers value left to do in 2018.

What a liberation. Feels as comfy as beeing in #yogaPants, believe me!

Happy 2018!

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