Keynote on Aging — 1

There appears to be a trend with the idea of “aging” in that from birth through the teenage years and toward the end of the 20’s is all good and beautiful. It’s like the value of a stock that rises as the person is getting older. But once they reach a certain age, maybe somewhere in the 30’s the value starts dropping. All of the signs of aging start to appear.

Given that my belief is that the body and its conditions are created by the mind, I stand to say that the whole aging process has to do with the mind and the expectations.

So, the kids don’t have any negative expectations or beliefs about aging. They don’t worry about the body wearing down or getting wrinkles. But as they are exposed to older people, who communicate in all three ways — telepathic, physical (body language), and verbal, they start to learn, or develop negative beliefs and expectations about aging.

You have old people walking and moving like they are on the verge of dying. You have old people making comments about being old and how much it sucks. Things like that start the influence the consciousness of the young people and they accept the negative notions about aging.

Once the INTENSITY of that belief/energy build up enough, that’s when people start going downhill.

Basically at certain point, people go from simply growing older to growing old.